Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Members of the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics subgroup are involved in the development of simulation methods, algorithms, and software for both general-purpose and special-purpose hardware. They also contribute to machine architecture efforts and manage the lab’s computer systems.

Joe Bank
Michael Bergdorf
Brian Cole
Amos Even
Clayton Falzone
Michael Fenn
Justin Gullingsrud
Xinyi Guo
Mark Heily
Jeremy Hunt
Douglas Ierardi
Lev Iserovich
Nick Johnson
Amit Kshirsagar
Ka-Hei Law
Ken Mackenzie
Mark Moraes
Nathan Olla
Andrei Osipov
Henri Palacci
Jacob Pessin
Goran Pocina
Eric Radman
Avi Robinson-Mosher
John Salmon
Peter Skopp
Jocelyn Sunseri
Tamas Szalay
Kevin Yuh

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