Chemistry, Biology, and Drug Discovery

Members of the Chemistry, Biology, and Drug Discovery subgroup are involved in the development of computational biochemistry methods, the creation of improved force fields, and the application of molecular dynamics simulations to specific biological systems of scientific interest and pharmaceutical relevance.

Rebecca Alford
Panos Angelikopoulos
Pelin Ayaz
Colin Bunner
Cecily Campbell-Bezat
Songela Chen
Liz Decolvenaere
Parker de Waal
Alexander Donchev
Michael Eastwood
Freja Ekman
Miklos Feher
Sam Garfinkle
Fabrizio Giordanetto
Brent Gregersen
George Hedger
Morten Jensen
Stone Jiang
Vish Jogini
John Klepeis
Michael LeVine
Je-Luen Li
Paul Maragakis
Robert McGibbon
Albert Pan
Yakov Pechersky
Stefano Piana-Agostinetti
Cristian Predescu
Peter Ren
Daniel Richman
Michael Snarski
Kayvon Tabrizi
Andrew Taube
Maxwell Tucker
James Valcourt
Qi Wang
Cody Weinberger
Tiger Zhang